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Healthy Breakfast Fry Up

While losing weight, K and I often had a massive fry up for breakfast on the weekend, sounds crazy, eh? There are a few tricks you can use to make your hot breakfast healthy, and that will be the content … Continue reading

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I am currently in the middle of an econometrics assignment (for those that don’t know, it’s worse than it sounds). So after work I head out to uni for a late night in the computer labs. There is not a … Continue reading

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LABneh: Strained Yoghurt

Labneh has become a little trendy recently as an ‘ethnic’ food. Really all it means is that people have figured out they can charge a premium for something that most Southern European, North African and Middle Eastern cultures have made … Continue reading

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Flour Tortillas

How to wrap up a week about burritos? A tortilla of course! You could go to the store and buy a stale, chewy, salty, plastic-y tortilla but fresh homemade tortillas are sooooo much better and they are really pretty simple … Continue reading

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Spanish Rice

You have to admit that Mexican food takes normal food and makes it amazing: mince meat becomes smokey and spicy; tomatoes become a lively salsa and rice gets stuffed full of flavour and becomes Spanish/Mexican rice!

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I reckon I could eat this stuff by the bucket! Guacamole is one of my favourite foods (I know, I know, I say that a lot, but I have a big heart to love lots of foods!) This guac is … Continue reading

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Smokey Chipotle Mince

Today we continue to explore the flavours that Mexico brings to the global food table with smokey mince. This mince is smokey, spiced and completely moreish. It is very simple and often I would add corn and tomato, but I … Continue reading

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Fresh Salsa: Pico De Gallo

Any quest for flavour is likely to dwell in Mexico for quite some time, exploring the chilli peaks and quesadilla plains. This week will be a journey through the components of homemade burritos where all the components are made as … Continue reading

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Echalion and Goats Cheese Tart

We found echalions at our local supermarket and I just had to try them. The first time we just baked them and served them with the Blue Cheese Cauliflower Bake. They were so delicious they inspired a whole dish. Echalions … Continue reading

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Chestnut Cream Tart with Morello Cherries and Orange

This tart is just glorious as the cool weather starts at the beginning of winter and the chestnuts are fresh and plump. The chestnuts seem to carry a sense of warmth even when the tart is cool and the orange … Continue reading

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