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Cauliflower Blue Cheese Bake: Beautiful produce served simply

One of the best ways to cook is to take produce that is in season and prepare it simply. These days we expect to eat apples year round and then are surprised that kids don’t like fruit when you give … Continue reading

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Nasi Lemak

You will never look at rice the same way after eating nasi lemak. Rice is no longer a bland accompaniment for rich food, it is devour-able in its own right. The rice is subtly flavoured with coconut, ginger and pandan … Continue reading

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Beef Rendang: A Flavour Explosion

I love Malaysian food. It is like every flavour in every mouthful has been condensed in a black hole and then it explodes back out in your mouth. Malaysian food is a perfected experiment with extreme flavour and so it … Continue reading

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I am a lucky woman, because I have my own cocktail bartender at home. This is one of our favourites and it doesn’t take much coaxing to get one made for me. So simple, I wish all recipes with just … Continue reading

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Pear, Fennel and Parmesan Salad

The soft shades of green are deceptively demure in the pear, fennel and parmesan salad. Don’t let her mislead you for under those harlequin frills she is a jezebel. I first made this salad to go with a leek and … Continue reading

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Currently Under Experiment in the LAB

At any given point in time there are usually a number of recipes I have at various states of development in the LAB kitchen. Often I’ll see a type of produce at the markets that is just coming into season … Continue reading

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Cabbage Rolls

Here is yet another dish that must be 90% vegetables and is 100% taste. It’s vegetables, filled with vegetables, smothered in vegetables! I made this one morning and my meat-loving, bachelor flatmate wandered into the lounge going “mmm, that smells … Continue reading

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