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What LAB eats, plus Vegie Mush

Wow, I bet I’ve just inspired you there with that title. I’m not expecting this to be a big hit recipe like beer soaked apple pie was, but it has its place on theLAB. If you’re wondering, what do K … Continue reading

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First Half Marathon

I ran my first half marathon last night, although that probably isn’t right because it implies it was an organised event, really I just went for a really long evening run. Although there were lots of people at the start … Continue reading

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About the LAB kitchen

Simply, LAB is me. It’s my first three initials.

But LAB is more than that, it is also about the labrador that sits at the edge of the kitchen. Labradors are the best kitchen assistants – their eyes tell you that whatever you’re cooking is GOOOOOD. So it is symbolic of the approval you want when a new creation comes out of the oven. Most of my life there has been a labrador at the edge of the kitchen who pined for a crumb to fall from the good experiments and enthusiastically ate the failures to show me I was improving and should keep cooking.

But mostly LAB is my philosophy for food, or at least it is how I justify why I never follow a recipe. Continue reading

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