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Caraway Chicken Burgers

I don’t really remember where this recipe came from, or rather, I don’t know when I invented it. I remember trying to recreate a chicken burger I once had on Portobello Rd in London that was juicy, spiced and delicious, … Continue reading

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Drunken Lamb Stew

I made this stew while studying, which is sort of like being intoxicated; you can’t react appropriately in social situations, there is a complete loss of time, sometimes you’re needy and love everyone, you’re absent minded. Also, crucially, you need … Continue reading

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Bacon and Tomato Breakfast

Are you looking for a quick, easy and delicious weekend breakfast? I’ve got one for you, but you have to trust me on it because it doesn’t look like much but it definitely tastes awesome. This breakfast is deceptive, only … Continue reading

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Healthy Breakfast Fry Up

While losing weight, K and I often had a massive fry up for breakfast on the weekend, sounds crazy, eh? There are a few tricks you can use to make your hot breakfast healthy, and that will be the content … Continue reading

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Spanish Rice

You have to admit that Mexican food takes normal food and makes it amazing: mince meat becomes smokey and spicy; tomatoes become a lively salsa and rice gets stuffed full of flavour and becomes Spanish/Mexican rice!

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Fresh Salsa: Pico De Gallo

Any quest for flavour is likely to dwell in Mexico for quite some time, exploring the chilli peaks and quesadilla plains. This week will be a journey through the components of homemade burritos where all the components are made as … Continue reading

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Cabbage Rolls

Here is yet another dish that must be 90% vegetables and is 100% taste. It’s vegetables, filled with vegetables, smothered in vegetables! I made this one morning and my meat-loving, bachelor flatmate wandered into the lounge going “mmm, that smells … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato Boats

After yesterday’s ‘grown-up’ dessert, here is a childish dinner. A lot of my experimenting involves trying to make food as vegetable based as possible while making sure it still passes the husband taste test. This is one of our favourites … Continue reading

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