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Fruit Scrolls

I have a confession to make… I have been hoarding some Christmas fruit mince at the back of the fridge for… well, since Christmas. I just couldn’t bring myself to cook it, it was likely letting go of the last … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Ginger Compote

Some days I think I must actually be Malaysian or Korean because I love their food so much, and then some days I think I was born with Grandma taste as I love porridge and stewed fruit. Here is a … Continue reading

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Best Ever Bread and Butter Pudding

What should you do with hot cross buns on Easter Monday? They’re slightly stale but you know they won’t be back for nearly a year so they can’t go to waste. You could toast them and put a slab of … Continue reading

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Perfect Hot Cross Buns

I love hot cross buns. Actually, ‘love’ isn’t strong enough to explain my emotions about hot cross buns. One year I bought 8 dozen and froze them to ration throughout the year because I was so upset that there weren’t … Continue reading

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