Tropical Breakfast Boats

I eat fruit and yoghurt for breakfast almost every day. It’s delicious taking seasonal fruit with some plain yoghurt drizzled with honey. I find that I just don’t feel right when I eat something different; it’s just such a good way to start the day.

You can’t really post a recipe for fruit and yoghurt, because it’s really all in the title. Take fruit, add yoghurt. But this is at least a pretty way to present it so that there are some decent photos. Plus I’ll give you a quick recipe to make a berry syrup to sweeten your plain yoghurt.

You could fill the pawpaw with other ingredients if you prefer, like museli/granola, banana or whipped cream.

Delicious and healthy breakfast, YUM!

Tropical Breakfast Boats

Pawpaw (or papaya), I like the red flesh variety as it’s much sweeter
½ cup of plain yoghurt
½ cup of berries, fresh or frozen
1-2tsp honey (or sugar)
1tsp of vanilla essence (optional)
Chia seeds (optional)

Ready to fill

Cut your pawpaw in half length ways and clean out the seeds.

Sweeten to taste

Microwave the berries until they’re hot and start releasing their juice. Mix through the honey and vanilla essence. This should be just sweeter than you would like to eat it by itself as this will be the sweetness to offset the tartness of the yoghurt.

Take the time to present your healthy food well as you eat with your eyes first

Assemble your boat by nearly filling the pawpaw hollow with yoghurt and then topping with the berry syrup and a sprinkling of chia seeds. For each bite, try to scoop some pawpaw, yoghurt and berries.

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