Toasted Corn and Tomatillo Salsa

Mexican ingredients can be hard to find in Australia, which is a shame because their food is amazing and it quite suits our climate, plus I love Mexican food and wish I could eat it every day.

Over the years I have found a number of good foreign food shops around Brisbane and I’m often found stocking up on herbs and spices, nuts and beans, or condiments and unusual ingredients. I don’t feel out of place in my favourite Indian store in McWhirters in the valley turning to K and asking “do we need more upma and idli mix?” or “how many bags of edamami and cans of kickapoo?” at Yuen’s around the corner.

For more European ingredients I head to Woolloongabba (that’s a place in Brisbane if you’re not Australian, and yes, we know it’s may sound funny to you). On a recent trip I picked up a can of tomatillos because I didn’t like my chances of getting fresh ones here. I really enjoyed them in a couple of Mexican themed salads I made, but then I had most of a 30oz can left. So K and I set about making the most superb nachos we’ve ever eaten including this toasted corn and tomatillo salsa.

This was fantastically light and zingy against the rich, hearty chipotle beans; likewise it made an excellent dip that was also good for the waistline.

These nachos will knock your socks off thanks to corn and tomatillo salsa

Toasted Corn and Tomatillo Salsa
15 minutes preparation and 5 minutes cooking

3 corn cobs, kernels stripped
500g of tomatillos, either canned or grilled fresh, chopped
1 red salad onion, finely chopped
½ cup of chopped coriander (cilantro)
Red chillies, diced (use the amount you like for heat)
A good pinch of salt

Nice little charred bits for flavour

Place the corn kernels on a baking tray and grill (broil – Is that the right American-English term?) the corn until it is at risk of burning. You should stir it a couple of times during the cooking.

This is what canned tomatillos look like

The rest of the salsa

Mix everything together.

The crazy colours mean flavour and nutrients, that’s good stuff people

Use as a tasty and healthy dip, or…

The salsa is sooooo much better than your usual jarred salsa for nachos, it is absolutely worthwhile.

On the most amazing nachos I’ve ever eaten.

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