Breakfast Banana Loaf

Lots of sweet recipes this week because the freezer door was ajar one morning and some ripe bananas and apple puree that were in the freezer defrosted themselves and then begged me to be baked into tasty treats.

The obvious thing to do was make a banana loaf, but I wanted to make one that was healthy enough to eat for breakfast. So here is a breakfast banana loaf recipe to serve toasted with ricotta, honey and pear. It’s subtly sweet from the apple and banana but no extra sugar and moist without added oil.

What a tasty way to start a Wednesday

Breakfast Banana Loaf with Apple and Walnuts
Serves 12, 15 minutes preparation plus 1 hour cooking

1 ½ cups of apple puree
3 eggs
3 medium bananas
2 ½ cups of flour
2 tsp of baking soda
2 tsp cinnamon
1 cup of crushed walnuts

Not a pretty start so far

Mash and mix the apple, banana and eggs until well combined.

Sift in the flour, baking soda and cinnamon, mix until combined. My mix was sufficiently moist, but if your bananas are less ripe than mine you can add some milk until you get a good batter consistency.

I am obsessed with walnuts at the moment! So ugly but delicious

Mix through the crushed walnuts then pour into a large oiled loaf pan (or two small loaf pans) and bake at 180 degrees for one hour.

I hate to wait while it cools, especially when it smells so good

Let it rest until completely cooled before slicing.

K is really enjoying breakfast this week

Serve lightly toasted with ricotta, honey, pear slices and cinnamon for a beautiful, healthy breakfast alongside a fresh cup of coffee from your personal barista.

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4 Responses to Breakfast Banana Loaf

  1. Christina says:

    Yum this looks delicious! For those who can’t eat nuts, what would you substitute for the walnuts? Or would it be fine just as is without nuts? I’ve had honey on ricotta for desert before – so tasty. Never considered it for breakfast before though, or with cinnamon/pear. WIll have to try this.

    • Without nuts would work fine, you could also just press the nuts on top of one half before cooking if one person wants nuts, depending on the intolerance level of the other person, I wouldn’t recommend that for serious allergies of course.

  2. Recipe worked a treat. I baked this afternoon. I didnt have any walnuts so used sunflower seeds. The only problem in this house is whether there will actually be anything left by breakfast. One quarter of the loaf is gone already and it hasnt even cooled yet.

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