Beetroot, Pea and Feta Salad

This is one of my all-time favourite salads. The sweet earthy beetroot is balanced perfectly by the salty, peppery and tanginess of the other ingredients.

So much of a good dish is getting this balance right. Asian cuisine is light-years ahead in achieving this artful balance. While finding ingredients that have the right elements but still go together can be challenging but the flavour reward is so worthwhile, like the first time you try prosciutto with fig…oh that was a glorious day.

These ingredients are so simple that the combination will take you by surprise.

Just looking at this makes me want it sooooo badly

Beetroot, Pea and Feta Salad
5 minutes, plus beetroot cooking

Sweet elements: Beetroot and Peas
Peppery elements: Rocket (arugula), Walnuts and Fresh Pepper
Salty elements: Feta and Good Quality Sea Salt
Tangy elements: Lemon Juice
To bring it together: Good Quality Olive Oil

I could have eaten both plates...

So no instructions it’s too simple for that – just some pictures and notes.
I use frozen peas, yes, fresh peas are better but frozen peas have their place, just make sure they’re warm.
If your beetroot is still warm, that’s nice too.
I know the photos have baby spinach, I didn’t have rocket. It is best with a green that has a pepperiness like rocket or watercress, but any green works.

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