Olive Basil Dip

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked through the shops, seen something and thought “I could make that,” actually I usually think “I could do BETTER than that.” Clearly I’m not afraid of making things at home that others would just buy (e.g. bread and yoghurt), and often I find that dips are overpriced and just filled with mayonnaise so I figure out how to make my favourite flavours at home.

This dip was actually invented because we wanted something to go with a glass of wine one night when the shops were already closed. We had limited ingredients in the house (of course it was the night before the markets!) but sometimes limitations drive the best of inventions.

I think I should change the blog name to “ugly but delicious”

Olive and Basil Dip

150g spreadable, light cream cheese
1/3 cup of diced olives
1tbs capers, diced very finely
1-2tbs of fresh basil, finely diced

The basil in this case is my pesto base.
Note how the capers are diced to oblivion? That’s important as they’re pretty strong.

Mix! That’s it. Serve with crackers or fresh bread and a nice glass of wine. This can also be used as a sandwich spread and it is excellent with tomato.

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2 Responses to Olive Basil Dip

  1. This is lovely! So tasty and healthy. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad I stumbled across this on here. Your blog is great. 🙂

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