Consolatory Cosmopolitan

So my bartender is at it again, this time providing me a consolatory cosmopolitan after a narrowly (and unfairly) lost soccer game. Everyone should have their own barista by day, bartender by night (and mess cleaner all the time after I’ve been in the kitchen), but if you don’t I promise it’s easy enough for anyone.

I struggle to pay the crazy prices for mediocre martinis and dull daiquiris after you find out how easy cocktails are to make at home. You don’t need lots of fancy equipment: muddlers, shakers, jiggers and strainers; cocktails can be made with the simple kitchen equipment you have and served in “incorrect” glassware. One day I’ll have lovely cocktail glasses, but for today I’ll just have a second cosmo and then I won’t feel bad about the glass.

Such a pretty cocktail

Serves 1, 5 minutes

1 ½ ounce (45ml) vodka (preferably citrus vodka)
½ ounce (15ml) Cointreau
1 ounce (30ml) cranberry juice
¾ ounce (22ml) lime juice

Shake with ice to chill all your ingredients then strain to serve (in whatever glass you have).

The line up.

A bit of squeezing

A bit of pouring

A bit of shaking

It looks like they’re glowing with life giving force

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1 Response to Consolatory Cosmopolitan

  1. percibeale says:

    Just the right timing: we have juicy limes dropping off our tree. We will try this tonight.
    I love the photo of the shaking!

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