Beetroot Week: Beetroot Leaves

Yay! Beetroot week is here!

In the same vein as yesterday, often people discard the main ingredient of this dish. If only they knew what they were missing!

Beetroot leaves are super tasty, not as mild as english spinach but not as iron-y as silverbeet. With a little butter, onion and bread crumbs they are an addictive vegetable side-dish with heaps of nutrients.

What is your favourite beetroot recipe? Or have you never tried it?

Beetroot Leaves
serves 4, 5 minutes prep and 10-15 minutes cooking

Leaves from 1 bunch of beetroot, rinsed
1 red onion, sliced
1 tbs butter
2 tbs bread crumbs
Salt and pepper to taste

Slice beetroot, smaller pieces for the stem section and larger for the leaves to help it cook evenly.

In a large saucepan, fry the onion in the butter until soft. I like red onions because the colour goes with the beetroot, but leeks would be wonderful adding even more sweetness to the dish.

Add the stem section of the beetroot leaves to the pan, fry for 3 minutes, then add the rest of the leaves and the bread crumbs. Cook until the leaves have just wilted.

Serve as a side dish. Beetroot leaves have good flavour that would go well with good quality sausages. I served mine with a vegie stack of zucchini, eggplant, yoghurt and relish for a light dinner.

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