Some Thoughts on the Raw Food Movement, plus Zucchini Pasta

Recently I’ve been very interested in the raw food movement/diet/lifestyle/religion and thinking about the value of raw foods in one’s diet.

Generally I agree about 80% with it. Raw, whole foods are the way nature provides them to us which is probably a good indication that it’s a good way to eat. But then there is a part of me that has questions.

Do sashimi and beef carpaccio count?
Foods dried in the sun would get over the ‘raw’ temperature, wouldn’t they?
Some foods are only edible if cooked, right?
Not everything in nature is good for us, deathcap mushroom anyone?
How can you live without coffee?
Is this all just too much?

I’d started feeling really sluggish recently when I tried to eat more meat too quickly. I started to read into raw foods and I was massively intrigued by their recipes. I tried a few of their recipes and have been feeling really good. Can you call it a recipe if you don’t use heat? (Kidding). There is a lot of benefit in eating more raw, more fibre and nutrients, it’s harder to eat ‘naughty’ foods, and a great enthusiasm for food and life. But I think for me personally there is a lack of balance and I’m not sure I could sustain it in social situations; don’t offer me brie, I can’t say no.

Also I found a lot of raw foodies were only mainly ‘raw’, not that it in any way undermines their dedication to a healthy diet though.

Nevertheless, I’ve been incorporating more ‘raw’ and ‘raw inspired’ (that is cooked because I don’t have a dehydrator) in my diet and I am feeling good, much better than when I tried to incorporate more meat. So there may be more ‘raw’ recipes after today, and I really encourage you to try some to find the deliciousness that is a raw carrot, or a cashew cheese, or cauliflower pizza.

Raw zucchini pasta with pesto and cherry tomatoes

Zucchini ‘pasta’ with pesto and tomatoes
serves 2, 10 minutes preparation and 0 minutes cooking because it’s raw!

2 large zucchinis
The juice of half a lemon
Olive oil
Basil pesto
Cherry tomatoes

K’s handiwork turning zucchini into pasta

Using a vegie peeler, turn the zucchini into ‘tagliatelle pasta’ strips. Then toss in the lemon juice and a little olive oil.

Cut the tomatoes in half. This stops them exploding inappropriately all over you.

We both enjoyed this for a light, refreshing lunch. Perhaps it would be good as a side next to something more substantial though?

Serve in a bowl topped with pesto.

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