Healthy Weight Tips

Three years ago I lost more than 20 kilos and I have kept it off. Here are some of the tips and tricks that helped me.

None of these tips will achieve a healthy weight by itself. There is no magic pill, or miracle food, or secret tip. However there are methods that you can use to help yourself manage what you eat and the energy you burn. These methods will be different for different people, but if you are struggling to eat healthily you should keep trying different ways to get yourself to eat properly because there is no success in giving up.

Eat fruit and vege

If you’re looking for a magic trick, this is probably the last thing you want to hear, but the reality is you need lots of vitamins and minerals and I found it best in high volume, low calorie foods. The bulk of what I eat is fruit and vegetables. Most of the main meal recipes I post I would only eat one of each day, usually a few hours before I exercise for the energy.

Enjoy the smell

This is a strange tip that I learnt from a coeliac who could no longer eat hot cross buns but loved the smell. A large portion of my enjoyment of food (especially bad foods) is the smell. How often have you smelled hot chips, bought them and then been disappointed by their soggy lack-lustre reality? Think about how you will be 10 minutes after you eat bad food, either way all you really have is a memory of it. This tip won’t work if upon smelling the food you don’t have the willpower to resist eating, but if you can acknowledge that the only difference between smelling and eating the food is how tight your clothes will be, then maybe you can enjoy all the foods you love, but in a different way.

Make changes slowly

Changes are hard to maintain if you are “on a diet” because you always want to go back to eating “normally” in the future, also, it is hard to change a lifetime of food habits in one day. We slowly learnt to eat properly over a few months. Each morning we hopped onto the wii to weigh ourselves and we thought back on the food choices we had made the previous day. Slowly we changed the way we ate, one habit at a time. So try changing just dinner, or breakfast to start with. Maybe only change one aspect of dinner at a time, swap a side of pasta for a side of vegies then next week try to cut that chocolate bar at 11am to a small piece of dark chocolate.

Either Carbs or Protein

Try having either carbs or protein, not both at your main meals. Protein and carbohydrate foods tend to be high calorie. Often we eat only one or the other per meal: oats for breakfast, beans and vegies for lunch, meat and salad for dinner. Then you can serve a reasonable portion rather than a diet sized portion of both carbohydrates and protein rich foods.

Eat your carbohydrates hydrated

I could eat hundreds of biscuits, crackers, corn chips, pizza and chips. They are so small but they have so many calories! The more water that is already in your food, the fuller you will feel. When I eat carbohydrates I try to eat them full of water. A bowl of porridge fills me more than toast or cereal because it has more volume for the number of calories because it’s full of moisture. A bowl of vegetable and barley soup is more filling than vegetable soup with 1 slice of bread when they have equivalent calories because the barley swells to many times its original size when cooked.

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a doctor. This information is provided to give you ideas to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight, reading this blog will not make you lose weight, only you can take control of that.

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